“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”
– Gen. George S. Patton

The Show

We kicked off our first episode with a bit of music from San Francisco’s Castle because Mat & Liz are exactly the kind of people this podcast is about: Prolific, hard-working, independent, and relentless on both album and stage.

Everyone talks about how the music industry is in the toilet, no one’s buying music anymore, labels are dying, there’s no way to make a living, etc. etc… And while that’s all true, it’s even worse when you’re not playing mainstream music to mainstream audiences. The less accessible the music, the smaller the audience, the lower the sales, the weaker the infrastructure and the harder it is to get anything done.

And yet, all over the world, bands are recording music, releasing albums, playing shows, booking tours, getting in vans and making it happen. The days of rock stars are long gone and the devaluation of music is very real, but in many ways, we’ve have never had it better. It’s never been easier to record music, sell music, promote shows and connect with a fanbase.

So our goal with this podcast is to talk to people who are out there doing things with heavy music, the folks who’ve figured out how to make it work. We’re going to talk to musicians, studio owners, artists, mix engineers, tour managers, label owners, PR reps, you name it—anyone who plays any role in this scene is fair game.

The Host

I’m your host, Jason Muxlow and I’ve been playing guitar, writing music and recording shitty demos since I was 15 years old. I currently play guitar in Witchcryer, out of Austin, TX, as well as The Living Fields and Wintering. I also used to be in Earthen Grave from Chicago. Between all those bands, I’ve played on 5 publicly-released demos, signed 2 record contracts and released 3 full-length albums (soon to be 5, with new stuff on the way from both Witchcryer and Wintering). I founded each of those bands, designed their logos and created the layouts for their releases. I’ve played around 100 shows between Earthen Grave and Witchcryer. I also created the metal site Deadtide.com and ran it for 8 years.

But I’ve never toured for more than a few days. I’ve never put on a show or booked a show. I’ve never mixed or mastered a full-length album. I’ve never managed a tour or ran a label or shot a music video or any of a thousand other things that get done every day to make metal happen. I’m coming to this with a bit of experience and a whole lot of questions for our guests. Hopefully, we’ll all learn something.


~ JM